Glamping Pods

Our modular glamping pod can be used for a wide array of applications from a Glamping business to a small garden room.

The modular construction means you can choose the size, colour options and roofing options to suit your needs.Our GRP glamping pods are maintenance free and don't use timber in any of the superstructure. We use the same high quality materials to build our pods that go into luxury Yachts.  




  • Standard sizes are 5m x 3m custom sizes can be supplied

  • Weather resistant gelcoat exterior

  • Made using a fire retardant additive to ensure the safest product possible

  • Water tight before roofing applied

  • Wooden or GRP interior options

  • Fully wired for sockets and lights.


Roofing Finishes

Our pods are waterproof without any roofing material, this means that we can use any roofing style to achieve the finish you want. Options Include:

  • Artificial Grass

  • Felt Shingles

  • Wooden Shingles

  • Corotile (Aluminium roofing tiles)

 Our pods include:

  • Roofing Material

  • Wiring

  • Internal Cladding

  • Internal Flooring

  • Decking

  • Pod Installation

Delivery costs will be quoted and added to the final price


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