Carbon Fibre Options

Genuine 100% carbon fibre rigid sheet. This sheet has a high gloss UV stable carbon fibre finish on one side and a matt finish on the other. The sheet is made from high modulus carbon fibre fabric and aerospace grade epoxy resin that retains it physical properties at high temperatures.

Quality & Performance

At Chester Composites we pride ourselves on using the best quality aerospace grade epoxy resin and carbon fibre fabric to produce the highest quality Carbon Fibre Sheet available. This sheet is made entirely out of carbon fibre fabric and does not use any gel coat or fiberglass in its construction.

Our single sided gloss finish sheeting is made using an infusion-based process that ensures the lowest possible amount of air in the part thus results in a superior strength and stiffness.

At Chester Composites we manufacture products for a range of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, modeling and marine. We ensure the same quality and high standards for all of our products setting us apart from our competition.

Dimensions & Tolerances

Our Carbon fibre is made within fine thickness tolerances of +/-0.2mm.