Wooden Rib/Replacement 

At Chester Composites we have developed a solution to bring life back into old wooden ribbed boats. 

Wooden ribs are great when there new but as soon as they age they become soft, brittle and if water penetrates the top layer they become soft and often break and become a major job to replace. 

Carbon Rib 

Our carbon ribs have been designed so they resemble in appearance and strength modern style carbon ribs.

We have achieved this by using a specialised carbon fibre lay-up utilising a core material to ensure the shape,weight and stiffness of the rib.


Benefits to the Carbon Ribs

The carbon ribs are stronger, lighter and more durable than there wooden predecessors with none of the issues of rot or flexibility.

The ribs are thinner than the wooden ribs giving the rower more space in the boat.

We supply the custom stainless steel plates and ensure they have cable routes for steering wire if needed.

please get in contact if you would like to know more about our rib replacement service.